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The opening season of Asia's first ever gay parenting series, Papa & Daddy ended with the shocking revelation that before Damian came back to Taiwan and started a family with Jerry, he was originally married to a woman in the United States and had a child with her. Left shocked, confused and heartbroken upon knowing the truth, Jerry was ultimately seen leaving for his childhood home in Hualien in the final episode of the first season—a cliffhanger that has fans across Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, and North America clamoring for a second season to know just what will happen next. 

After a long endless wait, fans of the series were finally given access to the first set of images from the new season on Wednesday and immediately upon its release, there was a tidal wave of interest from its followers and the media, asking just one major question, "Why isn’t Mike Lin in any of these photos?", "Where’s the original Jerry?" One fan from abroad even mistook the sixteen-year-old Richard Lin, cast as Jimmy, Damian's other son, for this season’s new Jerry!

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In the first season of Papa & Daddy, Jerry was played by Mike Lin, who was featured on films such as The Outsiders and Girl’s Revenge and been a presenter at Taiwan's Golden Horse Awards. While filming the first season, Lin built an excellent relationship with the series director, Nancy Chen and the rest of the cast and crew, all the while turning in a performance that won wide praise from both his fans and critics. Unfortunately and unavoidably, there was a major conflict in schedule between the second season of Papa & Daddy and another show that Lin was filming for. And after much discussion and many attempts to resolve the issue, the only solution was to submit to the inevitable and recast Jerry.

Luckily, not long after beginning the casting procedures for the second season, director Nancy Chen hit upon the talented Chiu Mu-Han, who has previously appeared in the bonafide hit Twa Tiu Tiann (which took in more than NT$150m at the box office), as well as Tears on Fire, Go Lala Go 2, The Fearless, Under One Roof, No Regrets in Life, and numerous other short films. Chen saw in Chiu Mu-Han a star-in-waiting with enormous potential, and therefore contacted him to ask him if he would be interested in taking on the role of Jerry for the second season. To this, Chen stated, “The first time we met, I thought he looked just how I imagined him to be—very much like Jerry. But in the second season, Jerry goes through and experiences more complicated and mature emotions, so I asked Mu-Han to familiarize himself with the script before coming in for his audition.”

After a few days of practice and getting into character, Chiu Mu-Han went through his audition and immediately wowed everyone present at the set with director Chen expressing all praise for the actor, “Mu-Han brought out a serene side of Jerry. His emotional expression was both moving and detailed, and he successfully showed a complete grasp of Jerry’s internal world.”

As for the actor himself, Mu-Han said, “Of course, I was worried that my acting style was too different from Mike’s, which might’ve made it take a while to get used to the changeover. But as it happens, we play Jerry in two different states of mind, so the director asked me to interpret the role in my own way. If the result is a different version of Jerry, that’s perfectly fine.”

(Source: GagaOOLala)

Upon receiving the news that next season’s Jerry would be played by Chiu Mu-Han, a skilled actor and veteran of 2021’s most popular drama, Tears on Fire, Mike Lin’s worry was replaced with happiness for the cast and crew. Though he originally planned to be present at the commencement of the shoot, as filming for Papa & Daddy kicked off, he discovered to his dismay that he was already scheduled to shoot elsewhere. But the second he was done filming, Lin rushed over to the set of Papa & Daddy to personally cheer on Mu-Han.

Mike Lin expressed, “It’s truly unfortunate that I can’t be part of the second season of Papa & Daddy. Many thanks to Mu-Han for enabling  Jerry to continue on. Please take care of my in-show husband, Damian for me. Thank you!”

In turn, Chiu Mu-Han replied with emotion, “I most definitely will, no problem at all! When I have the chance, I’ll get in touch and ask you how to win over Kaikai and the hubby.” The two of them then high-fived and finally gave each other  a hug, less like rivals in love and more like bKW00Jh+tQJAhYDw4^X)fnvgn%F3Tlj#NAfvmlRj7CPq^1vq(kZros trading tips on husband-taming.

Chiu Mu-Han is grateful to receive his first opportunity to play the lead. He thanked many other experienced actors for helping him get into character, and has quickly become part of the Papa & Daddy family, both on- and off-screen. He is confident that he can offer viewers an exciting new version of Jerry, and hopes fans will give the show their support so that Jerry and Papa & Daddy can keep going for many seasons to come.

The second season of Papa & Daddy is scheduled to premiere simultaneously this August in 218 countries across the globe. As for now, the complete first season is available to stream on GagaOOLala worldwide. 

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