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It's here— Taiwanese actor and fitness pioneer Adam Lin's very own photobook! Adam started working out for fitness, but after his appearance in a collection by a renowned photographer went viral, fan acclaim set him on a new path, and he finally embarked upon a career in Taiwanese showbiz. A favorite among his Asian fans, he's starred in titles such as The Story of the Stone, Sweet Dreams 2, Mermaid Prince, 5 Lessons in Happiness: Little Man, and more. Most recently, he starred in the short film Komorebi, the final installment in GagaOOLala's 2021 Queer Up The Volume anthology as Jhe-Ming, displaying his skill and confidence as an actor. And with the arrival of 2022, Adam has released his new photobook Adam, revealing a different side of himself to his fans. So, catch as we candid with the beloved hunk over his exclusive interview for GagaTai. 

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(Source: Sharp Point Press)

Q: Let's talk about why you decided to put out a photobook!

Hello, it's Adam here! I'm 180 cm tall, I weigh 75 kg...and I'm a Scorpio! I've focused on athletics ever since I was a kid, and in college I studied sports management. After that I worked as a personal trainer, and I also published a book about fitness called Wake Up Your Invisible Muscle. After discovering that everyone particularly liked the photo on the back of the book, I thought I would put it all out there in a collection of photos as a gift to my fans.

Other than that, it was also because of the pandemic a lot of film shoots and photoshoots were cancelled or put on pause, and I along with everyone else was in kind of a low mood. I look pretty macho, but I'm actually a very emotional person, so that was kind of a low point in my life. I didn't have much motivation to work out, and I lost a lot of weight.

To get myself moving again, I just told myself, I need to get back in shape, and also share more of my life on social media and interact with my fans. So that's where Adam is coming from. Elsewhere. it's a record of my personal growth, too.

(Source: Sharp Point Press)

Q: Adam, you look like a very sunny and honest person. Have you ever done anything...bad?

I lived in Chiayi with my grandma as a kid. I remember this one time when I went digging through my grandma's old dresser, planning to steal a little money to buy some stuff. Back then I didn't know anything about money, so what I found was some kind of ancient money. The guy at the store figured out what was going on as soon as he saw it and told my grandma, but she really doted on me, so she just gave me a scolding.

Other than that...sleeping in class, I guess? In middle and high school I was very focused on sports, so I was tired all the time, and it probably even affected my libido, so I never dated until college.

(Source: Sharp Point Press)

Q: Which photo of yourself do you like the most? Which part of you do you think is the sexiest?

The photo by the swimming pool is my favorite. I was very relaxed when it was taken—it didn’t feel like work at all.

As for the sexiest part of me, I think I’ve done a pretty good job with my chest.

(Source: Sharp Point Press)

Q: Can you tell us about anything fun that happened while you were shooting?

At one point we were shooting outside on a basketball court, and there were other people playing ball off to the side. And there I was, topless, wearing only spandex shorts and a jacket draped over my shoulders. I was pretty embarrassed, and worried about disturbing the other people. I kept thinking, what if the cops show up?

Before, the people I work with kept worrying that I wouldn’t be able to relax, while I thought to myself, "If you think I’m scared, you’re wrong!" At one point I was naked except for an apron, so I just flipped up the apron and flashed everyone. It gave them quite a bit of a shock! (Was it because of its size?) After that the atmosphere got a lot more comfortable, and the whole shoot went very smoothly.

The photographer even said, “Feels like we’ve seen Adam completely naked…”

Q: After being in the BL drama Five Lessons in Happiness: Little Man, do you have anything you want to clear up with the fans regarding your size?

It’s not actually possible to be that small, is it? Back when I was on the basketball team, everyone would look at each other while going to the bathroom—just for kicks! But we didn’t ever measure with it a ruler…a ruler just isn't long enough!

(Source: Sharp Point Press)

Q: When you’re playing gay, how do you go about getting into character? Is it awkward at first when you have to get up close and personal with another man?

It’s not awkward at all! Among my friends, people I’ve trained, and people I work with, there are a lot of LGBTQ+ people, so it’s not so different from my own life.

Doing intimate scenes with another man is totally comfortable and easy for me. Actually, I’m more worried about going too far. Before, when making gay films, it was all by feel—we were even allowed to touch one below the waist, but of course I was too shy to do that!

(Source: Sharp Point Press)

Q: Can a straight man really turn queer?

Depends on how he feels! Sometimes when I’m filming I get into the state of mind of liking men—that doesn’t feel weird at all. But there weren’t any men who liked me back when I was a student…only later, when I had a social media presence, did I have fans declaring their love for me.

When we were filming Komorebi, there was one scene where I got really into it. The director didn’t ask us to do it, but I and Guan-zhi Huang couldn’t resist kissing a whole bunch of times, because I felt like I really was Jhe-Ming, the main protagonist in Komorebi.

(Source: Sharp Point Press)

Q: What are you like in a relationship? What’s your ideal partner like?

Everyone assumes that I’m extremely dominant, but actually I’m the extremely loyal type, with a little bit of a dark side. I’m very faithful, and willing to give a lot to my partner.

I’d like someone with style, the next-door type, because I’m a boy next door myself!

I also really admire Joseph Chang. His body is amazing and very masculine. I’d like to have the same kind of charisma.

(Source: Sharp Point Press)

Q: What new challenges do you want to take on in the future?

Right now when I do screen tests, some people will ask me, “Why do you always play gay roles?” which has made me think, why doesn’t anyone ask actors, “Why do you always play straight roles?” And besides, every gay character has a different history and personality, so I feel like there’s a lot of room for me to work with.

I hope the audience can gradually stop labeling these roles “gay,” because they’re completely normal. Each of them is their own vivid, unique character.

In the future, if a director invites me to act in a movie that pushes boundaries, I’ll probably give it a try. I’d also like to act a role that’s more of a puppyish bottom. I’m quite willing to do things that are challenging or dramatically different. I’m not going to limit myself!

If I get the chance, I’d like to put out a single and shoot a music video. And I want to open a gym! I want to try a lot of things. I also want to create my own line of spandex clothing, because I think I’m extremely well-suited to do that. Hahaha!

(Source: Sharp Point Press)

Adam's latest short Komorebi can be watched globally on GagaOOLala, Asia's premier LGBTQ+ and BL streaming service.

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