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BL love stories with heart-pumping erotic scenes, what more can a fan ask for? Here are 10 BL hidden treasures you cannot miss. Watching them all by yourself or with someone special for some extra... fun. 

The Shortest Distance is Round (Japan)
Blanc / Noir

Haruto is a freshman and a loner in high school until the arrival of the new teacher Aoyama. Aoyama cares for Haruto and starts to exchange diaries with him. One night, an unexpected kiss ends their beautiful relationship. Three years later, Haruto becomes a male prostitute in order to pay back debts after graduation and reunites with Aoyama by chance. Should it be ‘noir’ or should it be ‘blanc’? Two versions. Two completely different fates. (Currently not available in Japan)

The Story of the Stone (Taiwan)

After the death of Lin's boyfriend Bao, Lin heads to Taipei and meets Josh who also came to Taipei as a new waiter at the bar Stone in Red House. Slowly a new relationship sparks between the two of them. However, the relationship gets complicated when Sean and his friend Lian come into the picture. This is a modern gay adaptation of the Chinese classic novel. (Currently unavailable in Hong Kong)

Tropical Night (South Korea, Thailand)

Jae Hee and his brother Tae Kyung lives quietly in Pattaya. They are one day visited by Min Ki, who’s brother Min Hoon, had committed suicide while on military leave. Convinced that Jae Hee is responsible, Min Ki comes to realize that Jae Hee was deeply in love with his brother, and grows fond of him. The buds of love then gradually sprout in the dreamy tropical night. 

The Game of Juan's Life (Philippines)

25 year-old Juan Reyes is a live sex performer in an underground gay bar in Manila. He has decided to leave his past behind, and in doing so he takes us with him as he makes life decisions, big and small -- his emotional goodbyes with his lover, Noel, and his last performance marred by a raid by the authorities which disrupts his decision.

Driver (Thailand)

From the director of "Love Next Door." Kade is searching for her husband, Tae, who disappears after a trip to Korea. Kade asks Mac, her husband's driver, to take her to his office and finds out about a house she never knew about. Tae realizes that she can no longer trust her beloved husband. But then, who can she trust? 

Black Summer (South Korea)

Jihyeon works at a university as a part-timer, while he writes and makes films. One day, he meets Geonu, a junior colleague from school. They become close as they work together. But after their relationship becomes a topic of controversy in the university, Jihyeon claims that he was the one who forced Geonu, in order to protect him. How will the two men face the despair that follows? Could there be any hope for them?

Athlete (Japan)

After being asked for a divorce, swimming coach Kohei encounters a beautiful boy named Yutaka. They are attracted to each other and fall madly in love. But Kohei is afraid of telling his wife and daughter about their relationship, and it makes Yutaka want to escape… (Currently unavailable in Poland)

The Chronicles of a Boy (Homo phobia) (South Korea)

Young-taek is one day visited by one of his schoolmates who claims to be his father’s lover. Young-taek, unable to bare to with such striking a fact, does something……; in college, a senior boy comes relentlessly at him, to get the test questions, Young-taek lets him do what he wants to him, only to be later blackmailed……; in military, while on leave, he goes out with his sergeant and the man’s girlfriend, but at night, the sergeant takes advantage of him…

Censored Dreams (Philippines)

Samuel puts all his dreams in becoming an actor in a film by doing everything he could, and Wilfredo stakes everything to finish the film. But their hope is dashed when the Board of Censors gives an X-Rating to the film which means that it is banned from being shown publicly.

All About My Father (South Korea)

An omnibus of tales of hierarchies, institution, and deviancy. A father that has an affair with his son's new husband, a reporter investigates the sexual misconduct of military, and a grandfather that uses his grandson to source explicit magazines.

🌟The first R18 BL movie in Japanese film history
🌟Auto-tune remix-themed content, masters and slaves, super forbidden domination pleasure
🌟Taiwan International Queer Film Festival topic selection, Hong Kong limited release is hard to find!

Katsuragi, an elite office worker who fell from a perfect life, drunkenly attempted to jump and commit suicide. Suddenly, he was suddenly helped by a mysterious man, Yoda, but that was the beginning of a horrible life of confinement training.

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