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Most of us have experienced heartbreak at some point in our lives. Whether it’s the sting of rejection after confessing to a crush or coming to terms with the end of a marriage, dealing with heartbreak is tough at the best of times. But, paired with the restrictions and uncertainty of a global pandemic, getting yourself back on your emotional feet during lockdown is no small task.

Unlocked 5: Ivan & Jack (Image from GagaOOLala)

With life on hold, the usual ways in which we distract ourselves from heartbreak are unavailable. Some people would throw themselves into work. Others would commiserate by heading out for a night on the town with friends. Others, meanwhile, might get back into the dating game and meet new prospective partners. Another way to deal with heartbreak is to get out there and try new hobbies. With all these options off the table, you’re going to need some new tactics to soothe your injured heart.

Unlocked 5: Ivan & Jack (Image from GagaOOLala)

It might help to begin by thinking of the positives. At least in lockdown you’re not going to randomly bump into an ex at work or on a night out. Also, if your way of dealing with heartbreak could involve unhealthy behaviours (excessive drinking for example, or unsafe sex), then being kept indoors maybe good for you in the long run.

Unlocked 5: Ivan & Jack (Image from GagaOOLala)

The first piece of advice is to use the extra time available to focus on yourself. You may want to start by reflecting on the relationship, but be careful not to dwell. Some people make lists of why the relationship was never really suitable in the first place, or what they learned from the experience. Remember to be kind to yourself. Your emotions are bound to be all over the place, especially with the added stress of a global pandemic.

Unlocked 5: Ivan & Jack (Image from GagaOOLala)

Before long you will want to start making a self-care plan for yourself. If you’re not sure where to start, think about how you would advise a friend if they were going through a breakup. If you’re the sort of person that would usually fill their time with social engagements, then make arrangements for calls, video chats, and joint online TV watching sessions with your friends. If you’d usually throw yourself into new hobbies and interests, sign yourself up for some online yoga, baking, or jujitsu classes. These days, virtual dating is also an option.

Unlocked 5: Ivan & Jack (Image from GagaOOLala)

It is also healthy to plot a future for yourself. While the world may be on pause during lockdown, relish the opportunity to think deeply about what you want out of life. You might have more time to spend researching what you want to do and where you want to do it. You could also consider investing time in learning new skills, or gaining new qualifications online. One final tip: Don’t look at your ex on social media—we all know it is not a real representation of life and it will only hurt.


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