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GagaOOLala has just launched the film Fathers (2016), the Thai sensation about two gay fathers and their adopted son that captivated queer hearts all around the world. To learn more about the shooting process (and, let’s face it, about him!), we asked one of the main actors, Nat Sakdatorn, to answer a few questions for GagaTai. Come take a good look! ?


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1. For what I understand you are known as a singer and entertainer in Thailand and this was your first film, why did you want to do this film?

Although mostly known for my works as a singer, I actually had acted in a few TV series and musicals prior to starring in ‘Fathers,’ but yes, this was my first film. When the director approached me to talk about this project, I immediately wanted to be a part of it. Most gay-related films or TV series in Thailand tended to portray gay couples and relationships in very stereotypical ways, but this film was going to be more about love and family, so I thought this was a very challenging and interesting opportunity to show something different to the audience.

2. What is your favorite experience while shooting Fathers? And your favorite part of the film?

The whole experience was a great one. Utt and Sinjai are both actors I’ve always admired, so getting to work with them was personally gratifying for me, and Arituch was such a cute kid that you just couldn’t help but fall in love with him right away. I guess my favorite part of the film is every scene when the two fathers and the kid are together, because it just shows that a family with two fathers is just as beautiful as any other family.


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3. You two have great chemistry, how was working with Utt Panichkul?

I had met Utt before but never worked with him closely until ‘Fathers.’ He was a very friendly guy, so it wasn’t hard getting accustomed to being around each other. We helped each other understand our own characters better by discussing their backgrounds, talking about how they met, and everything else that was not in the scripts, so that was definitely helpful.

4. What is the current situation for LGBTQIA rights in Thailand?

Thailand may seem like a very socially open society in terms of accepting LGBTQIA lifestyles, but in legal terms, we’re quite far behind many other countries. For example, same-sex couples can hold marriage ceremonies here, but they’re not recognized by the law, so they don’t have the same legal rights as traditional man-and-woman couples.


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5. Have you met any LGBTQIA parents in real life? If so, have they experienced similar situations as the ones portrayed in the film?

I have actually not met LGBTQIA parents in real life yet, but I have met single parents who are gay and have decided to adopt a child. The ones I personally know have not experienced situations as harsh as the ones portrayed in the film, but they have admitted being very careful when leading their lives in the public eye.

6. What do you think the future is for Thai LGBTQIA people?

There’re starting to be more talks about the legal aspects of LGBTQIA lives lately, so I think it is gradually heading in a more progressive direction. But overall, as a society, I think we still have a lot to learn when it comes to conversations regarding LGBTQIA people and their relationships. There’re still many degrading comments going around online every day without people realizing that they should not be acceptable.


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7. Have you been in Taiwan? If so, what is your impression? What do you think about the fact that same-sex marriage has been legalized?

I have actually never been to Taiwan yet but have heard so many great things about it. As a supporter for equal rights among all people, I certainly applaud Taiwan for legalizing same-sex marriage and hope that this will trigger many other Asian countries to consider the importance of this law as well.

8. And, lastly, we would like to hear about what you are working on right now, can we expect you in a new movie any time soon?

I recently just finished acting in a musical. Now I’m currently working on completing my new music album and also shooting three new TV series, ‘Oh My Ghost’ (Thai adaptation of the famous Korean series), ‘The Untouched,’ and ‘Friendzone.’ No new movies coming up yet, but if any directors out there are interested, please feel free to contact me! I’d definitely love to have an opportunity to work on some overseas projects.

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